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Animal Cruelty  

Animal cruelty, animal neglect, and animal fighting are disturbing and shocking—and they are all crimes in California. This program details the state and federal laws governing animal cruelty and shows peace officers how to recognize and investigate animal cruelty cases. The program teaches that, as with other laws, animal cruelty laws need to be enforced by all peace officers, not just animal control officers. Experts reveal that animal crimes are often linked with other violence, and animal cruelty laws may actually serve as a means for enforcing other laws. The program explains the tie-in between animal fighting and other criminal activities and violence, showing how illegal animal fighting can have a serious impact on a community.

The DVD program offers three viewing options:

1. Play Telecourse in its entirety (120 min.)

2. Select among seven Telecourse segments:

• Introduction (3 min.)
• Recognizing Animal Abuse as a Crime (19 min.)
• Animal Crimes Awareness (17 min.)
• Examples of Animal Crimes (17 min.)
• Illegal Animal Fighting Ventures (19 min.)
• Investigation and Evidence Gathering (21 min.)
• Law Enforcement Resources (3 min.)

3. Select among seven Telecourse interactions (scenarios only):

• Dog Left in Car (2 min.)
• Boy Kills Dog (5 min.)
• Officer Recognizes Animal Abuse (5 min.)
• Dog Fight (2 min.)
• Raid Planning (9 min.)
• Animal Hoarding (7 min.)
• Helicopter Surveillance (1 min.)

Date Produced: February 2009
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 2 Hours
Multimedia Number: 192
Printed Guide: No
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