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Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse  

There is a vulnerable segment of our population that is more readily preyed upon than any another: our elders and dependent adults. Sometimes referred to as an invisible epidemic, law enforcement officers need to understand the characteristics, challenges, and needs of elder and dependent adult abuse victims and how to coordinate with others in the community to provide resources and services.

Revised for 2015, this program focuses on law enforcement’s continued role in safeguarding both elderly and dependent adults. The video explores what types of abuse to look out for and highlights the importance of proper reporting procedures to ensure the future safety of these victims. The goal of this video is to educate law enforcement on how to best respond and assist our elders and dependent adults. This training program satisfies the requirements of Penal Code 13515 and POST Regulation 1081.

Segments include:

• Overview
• Crimes and Perpetrators
• Investigation Techniques
• Interviewing and Communication Barriers
• Investigating Within a Facility
• Reporting Procedures
• Final Thoughts

The DVD-ROM video program offers two viewing modes and printable instructor and trainee documents:

Facilitated Group Course
Each segment features a short introduction, followed by scenarios with related questions and activities to assist in facilitating a group discussion. The facilitator has the option to play subject matter expert comments after the discussion to re-emphasize a training point or to ensure all topics are covered. A “Facilitator Guide” document (PDF) is included on the DVD-ROM for printout from a computer.

Informational/Individual Viewing
This viewing mode allows an individual trainee or a small group of trainees to view the training video without formal (classroom) facilitation by an instructor. Features the same scenarios and questions or activities as the “Facilitated Group Course” track. Individual viewers may view sample group discussions, followed by comments from subject matter experts that reiterate and reinforce the teaching points. A "Student Workbook" document (PDF) is included on the DVD-ROM for printout from a computer.

Additional "how to" instructions for facilitation and obtaining CPT credit are included on the main menu of the video.

Date Produced: October 2015
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 2 Hours
Multimedia Number: 268
Printed Guide: No
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