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Bias Based Policing: Remaining Fair & Impartial  

The purpose of this training program is for officers to recognize Bias Based Policing and to understand that all people have personal biases-- but that officers must remain fair and impartial in their discretion and decisions.

The original training mandate, titled “Racial Profiling,” was taught throughout the state and contained a specific focus. That course is now part of the Basic Academy. Over time, the discussion of the topic has expanded to include all protected groups, so although both terms are used, Bias Based Policing reflects an expanded focus in this program. This program also provides scenario-based segments that provide a review of how an officer's personal bias may affect his/her day-to-day work in law enforcement.

This course meets the mandate for the two-hour “Racial Profiling” refresher training and fulfills the requirements of PC 13519.4(g) and POST Regulation 1081(a).

Segments include:

• Overview - Remaining Fair & Impartial
• Legal Considerations
• Biases
• Decision-Making
• The Community
• Resources

The DVD-ROM video program offers both a Facilitated Group Course and an Informational/Individual viewing mode and printable instructor and trainee documents.

A “Facilitator Guide” and "Student Workbook" documents (PDF) are included on the DVD-ROM for printout from a computer.

Additional "how to" instructions for facilitation and obtaining CPT credit are included on the main menu of the video.

Note: Instructors/facilitators for Biased Based Policing: Remaining Fair and Impartial must be certified racial profiling instructors and must have completed a POST Racial Profiling Instructor Training Course per POST Regulation 1070(b).

Date Produced: September 2014
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 2 Hours
Multimedia Number: 260
Printed Guide: Yes
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