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Force, Weaponry, and Defensive Tactics

Ethical Use of Force  

Presents supervisors and officers with an engaging look at ethical issues related to the use of force with several stand-alone scenarios, plus actual examples of roll-call or line-up training sessions using the scenarios. Includes Supervisor Introduction, Officer Introduction, and several Training Segments for Legal and Judicious Use of Force, Correlating Force Options with Resistance, Managing Emotions, Intervening to Prevent Excessive Force, Role of Training in the Ethical Use of Force, A Reverence for Life and Liberty, Importance of Teamwork in Use of Force Incidents, Documenting Critical Information and Use of Lethal Force as an Option. Also features a printable "Facilitator Guide Document" (PDF Format) on the DVD.

Date Produced: October 2005
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 2 Hours
Multimedia Number: 113
Printed Guide: No
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