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Homeland Security

Sovereign Citizen Extremists  

As the sovereign citizen movement grows in California, peace officers and public officials must understand sovereign citizen extremists and the sovereign movement, and more importantly must learn the visual, behavioral and language indicators that are key to identifying sovereign citizen members. They are anti-government-- and peace officers, among other officials, represent the government they oppose. The goal of this training is to provide an overview of these extremists and the proper law enforcement response.

The video program offers three viewing options:

1. Play video in its entirety (94 min.)

2. Select among eight training segments:

Introduction (3 min.)
Understanding the Movement (19 min.)
Identification (11 min.)
Types of Encounters (13 min.)
Officer Safety (12 min.)
Retaliation and Reporting (15 min.)
Potential Legal Violations and Law Enforcement Countermeasures (9 min.)
Other Enforcement-Related Encounters and Resources (14 min.)

3. Select among five video interactions (brief scenarios for discussion):

Sovereign Citizen Traffic Stop (4 min.)
Welfare Check (1 min.)
Eviction Notice (2 min.)
Sovereign Citizen in Custody (1 min.)
Moorish National Squatter (2 min.)

This video program is part of the POST Homeland Security training series and is presented in the traditional DVD menu format; the DVD does not offer the new "Group Facilitated" and "Individual" viewing modes nor printable documents. This video is also available online at the POST Learning Portal.

Date Produced: May 2013
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 94 min.
Multimedia Number: 253
Printed Guide: No
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