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Homelessness and Policing: A Collaborative Approach  

Homelessness is a serious social issue and is one area of law enforcement that officers may expect high levels of repeat contacts with the same individuals. This repeat pattern gives officers the sense that there may be no hope for helping these individuals get off the streets and improve their lives—but as officers will learn in this program, that is not always the case. A collaborative approach between law enforcement and social services can make all the difference for someone who is homeless.

The goal for this training is to raise awareness among law enforcement personnel regarding homelessness and how to effectively handle these calls for service. The program includes several scenarios to demonstrate key points and provides in-depth interviews with subject matter experts and law enforcement personnel from throughout the state who cover different aspects of homelessness and offer best practices to incorporate on the job.

Segments include:

• Stages of Homelessness
• Approach and Contact
• Enforcement and Collaboration
• Leveraging Available Resources
• Legal Considerations and Potential Liabilities
• Closing Thoughts

The DVD-ROM video program offers two viewing modes and printable instructor and trainee documents.

This program meets the legislative mandate for POST training on crimes against homeless persons as established by Penal Code Section 13519.64.

Date Produced: May 2015
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 2 Hours
Multimedia Number: 264
Printed Guide: Yes
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