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Major Occurrences

SWAT Update: Command and Control  

A SWAT response to an incident is one of the most critical and dynamic situations that an agency has to face. Avoiding danger altogether is not possible, but effectively managing this risk is the priority for those who are in the position of leadership and command.

This telecourse training video details some of the key components involved in a successful SWAT operation. The program features expert interviews from commanders and SWAT team veterans who have real experience to share from incidents they have encountered. The program provides an in-depth look from those who were closest to the March 2009 Oakland, CA incident where a parolee-at-large killed four Oakland officers.

The video program offers three viewing options and support documents:

1. Play video in its entirety (95 min.)

2. Select among 15 segments:

Introduction (7 min.)
Command and Control (10 min.)
Attributes of a Leader (3 min.)
The Value of ICS (10 min.)
Mission Capabilities (13 min.)
The Debriefing Process (4 min.)
The Recovery Process (6 min.)
Training for Success (7 min.)
The Call to Lead (4 min.)
Command Response (7 min.)
The Entry (4 min.)
The Board of Inquiry (6 min.)
Training Enhancements (4 min.)
The Aftermath (4 min.)
Conclusion (5 min.)

3. Debriefs

Additional "debrief" video segments where detailed presentations from SWAT incident participants and experts have been filmed and organized in an interactive, easy-to-reference format.

4. Documents

Active Shooter Guidelines (.pdf)
ER Pocket Checklist (.pdf)
ICS 8 EZ Steps (.pdf)
ICS Chart (.pdf)
Incident Commander Checklist (.pdf)
SWAT 1st Moments Read-Do Checklist (.pdf)
Tactical Principles (.pdf)

Date Produced: February 2011
CPT Hours/Credits: 2 Hours
Length: 95 Minutes
Multimedia Number: 242
Printed Guide: No
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