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Major Occurrences

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operations - Bonus Materials  

Using a unique mix of scenarios and firsthand interviews with subject matter experts, this bonus DVD program features additional segments for command level or executive staff, plus segments designed specifically for viewing by SWAT and CNT members.

Command/Executive Staff special segments:

Introduction (15 min.)
Decision to Have Tactical and Crisis Negotiation Teams (2 min.)
Mission Capabilities and Limitations (3 min.)
Personnel Selection and Retention (3 min.)
Training (5 min.)
Legal Issues (4 min.)
Use of Force Policy (3 min.)
Appropriate Tactical Response (3 min.)
Incident Command System (4 min.)
Media Relations (2 min.)
Post-Incident Issues (6 min.)
Wrap-Up (6 min.)

SWAT and CNT Members special segments:

Introduction (16 min.)
SWAT, CNT and Incident Command Working Together (4 min.)
Using K-9s (3 min.)
Use of Force Policy (2 min.)
Post-Incident Issues (4 min.)
Ongoing Training (4 min.)
Common Errors (3 min.)
Wrap-Up (6 min.)

Date Produced: September 2009
CPT Hours/Credits: 0 Hours
Length: Various
Multimedia Number: NA
Printed Guide: No
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